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January 22nd, 2010

So, you’ve heard about our products. Maybe it was our Make Your Own Special Needs Organizer (a fantastic way to organize your special child’s medical records!)  Or perhaps it was our beautiful and personal For My Groom journal- an intimate wedding gift for your hubby-to-be. Whatever the case, if you’re checking out our products, you’d probably be interested in an online coupon code or voucher that can save you money. Well, here it is:


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Give-away on Brenda’s Wedding Blog

July 7th, 2009

Guess what? We’ve teamed up with Brenda from Brenda’s Wedding Blog and are offering a fab contest! If you’re looking for a really personal & beautiful wedding gift for your groom, here is your chance to win it:

We’re giving away a set of TWO wedding relationship journals:
For My Groom journal (on my wedding day)
For My Bride journal (on my wedding day)
Fill out the journal with suggested topics, and exchange on your wedding day, honeymoon, or rehearsal evening. Sure to make you both cry!

Entering just takes a moment (check blog for details). Must enter by July 10, 2009.

And of course, if you don’t win, you can still purchase these and other wedding journals on our website at


Are you a wedding blogger who is interested in working with us on a give-away? Please email us at with your info.


For My Groom Journal: a Beautiful and Cherished Wedding Gift Option for Brides

June 20th, 2009

Let’s face it brides- there are a lot of really impersonal gifts out there for your wedding party. Engraved flasks just don’t cut it any more. Brides are looking for gifts that are unique and truly more personal.

What if you could give your groom a gift that is so personal, he’d be drawn to tears?

Lil’ Angel Gifts offers a gift that- with your help- is sure to make your groom cry. Their wonderful For My Groom Journal (a journal from the bride to her groom) is a sweet little relationship journal. It is comprised of suggested topics that you follow, filling in the pages with heartfelt feelings for your fiancée. It is beautiful, understated, and elegant. Even better- the reasonable price is affordable, even inexpensive as far as wedding gifts are considered.

my wonderful groom memory book

The For My Groom journal isn’t the only personal gift for your wedding party that Lil’ Angel Gifts can offer. They have a complete line of wedding relationship journals for everyone in your wedding party. From your bridesmaids and maid or matron of honor, to your best man, there is a memory book for everyone. They even offer journals for your flower girl and ring bearer, as well as a unique wedding guestbook alternative (Our Wedding Guest Journal).

If you’re looking for wedding gifts for your parents, you might want to consider the timeless For My Mother or For My Father relationship journals (also available in a combo photo/writing version). These journals can even be filled out by the groom for his parents. They also feature the popular For My Parents – on my wedding day journal. After receiving this thoughtful gift, your parents are sure to forgive you for all the anguish you caused them as a teenager.

So, maybe your mother really would like that embroidered hanky with her name on it. But, I’m guessing she’d appreciate it more if she needed it to wipe away the tears you made her cry from giving her the book filled out with your memories.

The great news is- after buying the For My Groom journal, wedding gifts for your parents, and maybe even a Wedding Guest Journal, you’ll still have the money left over for that hanky :)

Sometimes the best and most cherished gifts are the most simple…

For more information on these WEDDING PARTY JOURNALS or to purchase,


FREE ebook for planning a bridal shower

April 14th, 2009

We’re pleased to offer you an absolutely free ebook you can download & use to plan your or someone else’s bridal shower. No email signup required!

To download, or for more information, please visit:

Plan your bridal shower- with this free downloadable resource!

Plan your bridal shower- with this free downloadable resource!

About this ebook:

If you’re the bride or the maid/matron of honor, and you’re looking for information on how to throw a bridal shower, this is the place to start. Your Bridal Shower Guide is a free, printable ebook that you can use to organize your guest list and gift ideas for the bride, as well as offer you ideas on games for bridal showers, theme ideas, suggestions for refreshments and more. This ebook includes:

  • General bridal shower tips
  • A pre-shower checklist
  • A guest list organizer to help you track your guests
  • 45 bridal shower game and activity suggestions
  • Bridal shower theme suggestions
  • Refeshment ideas
  • Gift suggestions for the bride-to-be
  • Product recommendations


ATTENTION Wedding Professionals! (wedding affiliate program)

March 27th, 2009

Have you seen our unique & sweet wedding relationship journals?

Did you know that we have a really great affiliate program where you can promote our products easily on your website or blog, and make commissions off any orders placed on our site after they visit through your unique link?

Signing up is FREE, and just takes a moment. Best of all, we’re here to help if you need help setting it up, or if there is a specific graphic or size that you need.

Please note: although promoting/discussing our products in a blog post is highly recommended and beneficial, you might also benefit from installing one of our affiliate graphics that is STATIC (stays visible on each page of your blog).

Come check out our company at the Lil’ Angel Gifts website. Or you can go directly to our AFFILIATE PROGRAM.

a relationship journal for the bride to give to her groom

a relationship journal for the bride to give to her groom

a relationship journal for the bride to give to her bridesmaid

a relationship journal for the bride to give to her bridesmaid


NEW PRODUCT: For My Parents- on my wedding day

March 27th, 2009

Wedding Gift for Parents

a photo journal to preserve the memories of our relationship and to celebrate my special day…

Well, it’s finally here!
The combined father/mother wedding relationship journal, for all the brides who wanted the single journal.

Because of brides’ wishes, we are now offering this combined PARENTS wedding relationship journal. So, you may purchase separate journals for your mother and/or father, or you may purchase ONE of the “For My Parents- on my wedding day…” journals.

(This journal is appropriate for the bride to fill out for her parents, or the groom to fill out for his parents. So, if you need a gift for both sets of parents, be sure to purchase TWO journals)

a relationship journal for bride or groom to give to their parents

a relationship journal for bride or groom to give to their parents

Journal Description:

This is a SWEET gift to give to your parents on or before your wedding day. Sure to bring tears to your mother and father’s eyes, as they read your thoughts and feelings that you have recorded specially for them. Includes places to record your thoughts about being married and starting a new life, as well as special memories about your relationship with your parents.

This journal is a unique and thoughtful gift that you can give at the rehearsal dinner, day of the wedding, or other perfect occasion. Book size approx. 7.5″ x 5.5″

Included are 24 suggested ‘topics’ the bride/groom can write about, such as:

  • Favorite Memories of Us Together…
  • I Hope You are Proud of me For…
  • I’m Proud to have You as my Mother Because…
  • What You’ve Taught Me- about Things, Life or Myself…
  • My Hopes and Dreams I Would Like to Share with You…
  • How You’ve Prepared me for Marriage…
  • What I Would Like You to Know about My Relationship with My New Spouse …
  • If it were the Last Time we Spoke, What I Would Say to You…
  • PLUS 13 photo pages for you to place a photo (of you, your parents, you & your spouse, etc) or a keepsake
  • and more!

    It’s the perfect personalized gift because YOU make it personal…

    Don’t forget to check out journals for your entire wedding party!

    Approximate size 7.5″ x 5.5″ $23.99 US

    Visit HERE to buy —>


    New Product (well, revised): Friendship Journal

    November 30th, 2008

    I’m pleased to announce the newly revised and beautiful friendship journal. A beautiful and thoughtful birthday gift, Christmas gift, or “just because”! :

    A Reflection on our Relationship (a friendship journal)

    Your friend will be touched to receive this treasured gift. Our friendship journal is the perfect way to express your gratitude for your friendship. Simply fill in the 25 outlined topics, and surprise her with a considerate gift of friendship.
    A gift that is sure to bring tears to your friend’s eyes..

    Included, are such topics as:

    • What I Hope for Our Future as Friends…
    • Things You’ve Done that I’m Proud of…
    • What You’ve Taught Me, about Things, Life or Myself…
    • My Funniest Memory of You…
    • What I Gain Most from our Friendship…
    • If it were the Last Time we Spoke, What I Would Say to You…

    and more!

    *Features a photo of my girls on the front.

    For more info:

    A Reflection on our Relationship
    A Reflection on our Relationship


    Finish up your Christmas shopping this weekend with Lil’ Angel Gifts CYBER SALE

    November 28th, 2008

    Finish up your Christmas shopping this weekend with Lil’ Angel Gifts CYBER SALE
    Unique gifts for teachers, friends, family & for yourself!

    From Friday, Nov. 28 until Monday, Dec 1st, we are offering 20% off all products listed on our website. If you live locally, you can email me to arrange pickup to save on shipping.

    And, for any stationery orders placed by Dec 1st, we will personalize your stationery FREE of charge.

    Check out a copy of our e-newsletter for more details: (for regular sales & updates, make sure you are on our newsletter list!)
    Thanks again!
    Jennifer Jennifer
    Lil’ Angel Gifts


    It’s OFFICIAL- I won :)

    October 8th, 2008

    eBay has officially sent out the press release announcing the winners for eBay Canada’s 2008 Entrepreneur, Mompreneur, Enviropreneur, and Young Entrepreneur of the year awards.

    I’ve won the “Mompreneur” of the year award!

    Please feel free to check out the press release: (I’ll post below)

    I’m very proud of myself, for this accomplishment and for this recognition. It has been difficult to grow my business with 3 young children, one with special needs. Bit by bit, it grows to something better and better. I would like to say THANK YOU to all the wonderful customers I’ve had over the past few years, on eBay and on my website. I couldn’t haven gotten to this point without you.

    I’d you’d like to see my winning essay, please check out the blog posting a few below this one.


    Press Release

    Iqaluit art dealer named eBay Entrepreneur of the Year

        Entrepreneurs in New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario also recognized
        TORONTO, Oct. 8 /CNW/ - Iqaluit, Nunavut resident Bryan Hellwig has been
    crowned eBay Canada's 2008 Entrepreneur of the Year for using the power of the
    Internet to sell Inuit art globally. Taking home $5,000 to help grow his
    business, Mr. Hellwig was selected from entrants across Canada.
        From small towns to urban downtowns, the annual eBay Canada Entrepreneur
    of the Year awards program recognizes Canadians who run successful online
    businesses. For 2008, eBay introduced two new categories: Enviropreneur of the
    Year - for Canadians who adopt sustainable and environmentally-friendly
    practices when selling on eBay; and Mompreneur(*)of the Year - for Canadian
    parents who use eBay to balance their entrepreneurial instincts with family
    life. Canadians aged 18-24 contended for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year
    award. Each category winner receives $2,000 towards their business.
        This year's winners are as follows:
        -   eBay Canada's 2008 Entrepreneur of the Year - Bryan Hellwig from
            Iqaluit, Nunavut (eBay ID: ringseal)
        -   eBay Canada's 2008 Young Entrepreneur of the Year - Matt Oehmen, age
            23, from Ottawa, Ontario (eBay ID: honestredsrecords)
        -   eBay Canada's 2008 Enviropreneur of the Year - Marcello Biocchi
            Montreal, Quebec (eBay ID: cello10)
        -   eBay Canada's 2008 Mompreneur(*)of the Year - Jennifer Fiander from
            Hampton, New Brunswick (eBay ID: angelsmiles123)
        This was the fourth annual eBay Canada Entrepreneur of the Year
    competition. Entrants were asked to submit essays detailing their business
    philosophies and innovations, and describing significant business challenges
    they have faced and how they overcame them. Entrants considered for the
    Enviropreneur and Mompreneur(*)of the Year awards were also asked to submit a
    short essay describing how they adopted "green" practices or juggled business
    with family life while selling on eBay, respectively.
        "Canadian small businesses coast-to-coast have found a true business
    partner in eBay," says Andrew Sloss, Country Manager for eBay Canada. "eBay's
    awards program recognizes the ambitious and hardworking entrepreneurs who use
    the Internet to reach a world-wide customer base while pursuing their dreams
    right here at home."
        Winners of this year's program were chosen by a respected panel of
    industry experts and past winners including: Dr. Hadi Dowlatabadi, Professor
    at the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability for the
    University of British Columbia; Kathryn Betchold, founder of the Mompreneur(*)
    Networking Group; and Jade Pearce, eBay business owner and recipient of eBay
    Canada's 2007 Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.
        The Winners - eBay Canada's Top Four Entrepreneurs of the Year
        After using eBay to purchase art for his personal collection, 2008
    Entrepreneur of the Year Bryan Hellwig decided to try his hand at selling
    Inuit and Northern art online. Mr. Hellwig now sells unique pieces around the
    world that represent the culture and people of the True North. A savvy
    entrepreneur, he has earned many repeat customers by offering small gifts and
    reducing shipping rates to ease the costs associated with mailing items from
    the Arctic.
        The Beatles' Abbey Road paved the way for Matt Oehmen's eBay business.
    After realizing that eBay buyers would pay upwards of $1,000 for the album,
    Mr. Oehmen began to catalog all the records in his collection. Since selling
    his first record on eBay, this Young Entrepreneur of the Year has grown his
    online business ten-fold and now offers rare records that many established
    bricks-and-mortar record stores do not carry.
        Enviropreneur of the Year winner Marcello Biocchi combined his love of
    sports and his dedication to the environment to create a successful online
    business reselling vintage sport jerseys. Mr. Biochhi believes that Canadians
    can recycle and look good doing it. His eBay store's slogan is: 'Threads so
    sweet, you'll forget you're recycling.' By selling vintage and collectable
    sports-related clothing, Mr. Biocchi diverts waste from Canadian landfills,
    and encourages sports fans to seek out and reuse clothing already
        After giving birth to a son with special needs, Mompreneur(*) of the Year
    winner Jennifer Fiander realized there was a lack of resources available for
    parents like her. Taking matters into her own hands, she created a book for
    her son's caregivers. Rave reviews prompted Ms. Fiander to follow up with a
    second guide and post it for sale on eBay. After watching bids on eBay climb
    higher and higher, she knew she was on to something big. Today, selling on
    eBay gives Ms. Fiander the freedom and flexibility to work from home. She has
    the time to take her son to doctor's appointments and therapy, as well as
    provide her daughters with a great example of how they can be a working but
    present mother while following their dreams.
        (*)The term Mompreneur is registered trademark of The Mompreneur
        Networking Group Inc.
        About eBay Canada
        Founded in 1995, eBay is the World's Online Marketplace(TM), connecting
    hundreds of millions of people around the world every day, empowering them to
    explore new opportunities and innovate together. eBay does this by providing
    the Internet platforms of choice for global commerce, payments and
    communications. Since its inception, eBay Inc. has expanded to include some of
    the strongest brands in the world, including eBay, PayPal, Skype, StubHub,, and others. In Canada, eBay was visited by more than 9 million
    Canadians in August 2008. (comScore Media Metrix, August, 2008).
        /NOTE TO PHOTO EDITORS: A photo accompanying this release is available on
        the CNW Photo Network and archived at
        Additional archived images are also available on the CNW Photo Archive
        website at Images are free to accredited
        members of the media/

    For further information: For media inquiries, contact Nazia Khan,
    Environics Communications,, (416) 969-2781


    September 2008 GiveAway

    September 24th, 2008
    September Contest
    Do you have a child in school, or do you know a special teacher? 
    We are giving away a package of PERSONALIZED teacher stationery to one lucky teacher! AND- we are going to personalize them with the teacher’s name.
    Sample Pack of Stationery
    All you have to do is email us at with “TEACHER CONTEST” in the subject line. Send us your name and contact information, and the name of the teacher (how they are referred to in school- for example Mrs. Fiander) you would like to have a free package for. Entries are due by the END OF SEPTEMBER (2008). We will draw one winner and then let the winner know by email, giving them the option of having the package sent directly to the teacher with a note, or to the winner and they can deliver it themselves.
    Wouldn’t a teacher you know love this?
    Good Luck!

    Jennifer Fiander