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7 Days of Affiliate Tips series - Day 1

Congratulations on becoming an affiliate for Lil' Angel Gifts! This resource has been designed to assist you with your Affiliate Program. You will also be receiving these tips by autoresponder to your registered email address when you sign up.

Do you have your affiliate banner or text link added to your site yet?

You may be asking yourself: Should I use a banner or a text link to advertise affiliate products?

This decision is up to you and what best fits your site. Personally, I prefer a visual- a graphic or banner that speaks to my needs as a buyer. But, depending on your website/blog you can also work text links directly into your content! Some website owners prefer to include text links, so they don't look like 'advertisements'. However, most people who visit websites expect to see the odd affiliate banner or advertisement. Choose your banners wisely and make sure they are relevant to your site.

Please feel free to take a browse of our affiliate banners/graphics. (log in to our affiliate center to see the available options). Can you think of anything you would like to see, but don't?
Why not email us and recommend something! (info@lilangelgifts.com).
As always, if you are having trouble with getting your affiliate program started, please email or phone me at the information provided below. I'd be happy to help you get your program going :)

Next Tip- the "HOW TO" on putting your banner/text link on your site (if you haven't already)

From my business to yours,
Jennifer Fiander
Lil' Angel Gifts

7 Days of Affiliate Tips series - Day 2

Ok, I've signed up for the affiliate program. How do I put an affiliate banner/link on my website?

Sign into our affiliate login page at http://www.1shoppingcart.com/SYS/?m=130317&c=l with your USERID and password. (Bookmark the site- and be sure to keep your userid and password handy!) You can also access this page from our website: www.lilangelgifts.com by going to the AFFILIATE section.

After logging in, Click on "PROGRAMS"- it will take you to a page where you see the details for the Lil' Angel Gifts Affiliate Program. Select the "Click here for your affiliate links, Banners and other Available Media Types". You will then be taken to a page with any existing banners & links. Scroll through the list to see what is appropriate for your site (be sure to click "next" at the bottom of the page to see the next page/s. You may choose one graphic or several, or text links, or a combination of both. To place the selected affiliate banner/link on your site, COPY the code you read BELOW the graphic/text link. (right click once on the code and it will hilight it all, then press Control & C at the same time to COPY). You will then need to PASTE the code (CONTROL V) in the appropriate place on your website, within the code.

Which should you choose- graphics or text links???

Text Links

Scroll down the page to view the different text links available. Find the links appropriate to your content. Think about how you are going to use the link. Are you simply going to list it on your site? The text link can simply be listed. It can be placed WITHIN a paragraph that you write (as part of the text). You could write an explanation of the product, with the affiliate text link placed underneath. Once you have decided on your text link, copy the code from the affiliate page. Place that HTML code in your webpage where you would like it to appear. Note: In order for the tracking to work properly if someone clicks on the graphic and makes a purchase, DO NOT change the code in this link.


Scroll down the page to view the different graphics available. Choose which banner/graphic best suits your site- size, and content. After choosing your graphic, copy the text DIRECTLY UNDER the graphic. This HTML code will need to be placed in the location on your website you would like the graphic to appear. Note: In order for the tracking to work properly if someone clicks on the graphic and makes a purchase, DO NOT change the code in this link.

Don't forget- you can use more than one graphic, and even use text links if appropriate!

7 Days of Affiliate Tips series - Day 3

I've placed the text/graphic affiliate ad on my site. What do I do now?

I'd like to recommend the 3 P's- Patience, Placement & Promotion. Today we'll talk about patience.

Patience: You can't expect to make millions overnight through your affiliates. Some people can make a good living off affiliate sales, while others make a modest amount, and use affiliate programs to help cover costs of running their websites.

Although you are welcome to check your affiliate sales through your login any time you like, be careful that you don't get trapped in the vicious cycle of constantly checking your stats. It is important to check your stats from time to time though- to tell if your promoting is effective. Give each banner/text link awhile to try out, but if it's not working- don't be afraid to change it, add to a description, etc.

Perhaps the ad isn't working for your audience. Can you think of a banner or text link you would like to try out on your site? As always, feel free to email us and recommend something!

From my business to yours,
Jennifer Fiander

7 Days of Affiliate Tips series - Day 4

The 2nd 'P'- Placement

Where you place your banner or text link can have a great effect on your affiliate sales.

Is your affiliate banner located on a page that visitors go to? Do they spend much time on that page? Where is the link on the page- is it somewhere prominent? Is it relevant to the content on that specific page?

Make sure your graphic/link is easily visible, and consider placing it in a 'hot spot'. Towards the top of the page may be a good place for a banner (a visitor will see it before they go to another page). A text link may be placed a few times on a page without looking blatantly obvious or redundant. You may want to consider using both a banner and a text link.

Are you placing the banner/link in a blog? Consider setting up a place in the sidebar for the banner/link- that way it won't bump down as you add more blog entries. (will stay visible at the top).

From my business to yours,
Jennifer Fiander
Lil' Angel Gifts

7 Days of Affiliate Tips series - Day 5

The 3rd 'P'- Promotion

I can't tell you how many times I've had to explain to my husband that having a web-business takes promotion. He believes you set up a website, and people magically find it and buy the product. Many people think that websites are something you just set up and forget. The fact is, to have an effective website and in turn, an effective affiliate program, you are always promoting it.

Your Website's Traffic

The simple fact is- if your website doesn't have traffic to it, and specifically- to the page your affiliate link is- there won't be anyone to click on your banner/s, and there will be no sales.

Part of your internet marketing plan should ALWAYS be to work on getting traffic to your site, and to the page where your affiliate links are. There are some tips you can use to help you promote your affiliate program to the traffic you DO get:

If you have a blog- place the information on your blog's sidebar. But, don't forget to also produce a post about it. Blog about the item/s you are promoting!

Do you have experience with the product/s? Write a review or a recommendation. Be sure to include your affiliate links.

Do you send out newsletters to customers? Send out your review or banner/text link in your newsletter/s. Don't be afraid to send out a few newsletters with banners- it may take a few times being seen before someone makes a purchase.

Do you have a 'recommended resources' page on your website? Include a description and banner there, perhaps a review.

Promote specific products around holidays/events. For instance, promote our mother/father relationship journals around Mother's Day/Father's Day. If you have a special event planned around a special needs issue, promote our special needs products then. Teacher items can be promoted around Christmas or the end of the school year.

(We will keep affiliates updates of good promotional events).

Do you have a Facebook or MySpace page for your business or group? Promote your affiliate program through social media!

On your 'thank you for ordering' landing page- you may want to add a "you might be interested in this product..." with a product recommendation.

After someone signs up for your newsletter- you may want to add a "you might be interested in this product..." with a product recommendation to your landing page.

Recommend your affiliate program to your family & friends! Direct them to your banner/text link. They might appreciate seeing our unique products as suggestions for holiday gifts, etc.

From my business to yours,
Jennifer Fiander
Lil' Angel Gifts

7 Days of Affiliate Tips series - Day 6

Would you like to get the biggest bang for your buck? Promote our ebooks! Our ebooks offer a much larger commission (40%!) than our physical products. They're easy to promote- reasonably priced, no shipping charges and delivered almost instantly to your customer!

Current Available ebooks:
Suggestions for Sensory-Rich Activities
Organizing Your Special Needs Child
My Medical Journal

Soon to be added in ebook form:
Baby Shower Guide book
Bridal Shower Guide book
Pet Medical Journal

From my business to yours,
Jennifer Fiander
Lil' Angel Gifts

7 Days of Affiliate Tips series - Day 7

Need more CONTENT for promoting your affiliate products?

We hope you've benefited from our 7 Days of Affiliate Tips series. We will be notifying affiliates of other important updates when necessary (new products, policy changes, etc)- so don't worry- you won't be left in the dark!

And as always, if you have any questions or recommendations, please contact me via phone or email.

Could your website benefit from it's own affiliate program? Do you need a shopping cart system? Why not check out the one we use- it's easy and affordable. What could get better than that?

From my business to yours,
Jennifer Fiander
Lil' Angel Gifts

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